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Boch Frčres Kéramis

Boch Frčres Kéramis was a factory founded by Victor Boch in 1841 in La Louvičre in Belgium.

The Boch family began to produce pottery from 1767 in Luxembourg. They settled in Belgium after the separation of Belgium from Luxembourg in 1839, and in 1841, founded the factory Kéramis in La Louvičre, using the trade name Boch Frčres. They produced a wide range of earthenware and stoneware, including white-bodied earthenware for household and table use and pieces in imitation of Delft and Middle eastern pottery.

In 1906, Boch Frčres hired a new artistic director, Charles Catteau, and the firm began to produce distinctively decorated artware vases in an ovoid shape. Catteau introduced decorative influences from Japan, from modern art (such as cubism), and various African traditional elements. Boch Frčres Kéramis pottery has become known for the combination of attractive shapes with innovative mixtures of image and style.

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(last updated August 21, 2013)

Item # Item Description Picture
9716 Glazed Deer Vase 9-10" in height, the glazed deer on the redish brick color was a style done so well in Boch pottery. This is a rare piece in perfect condition.
10294 Art Deco Geometric Table Decoration Another Deco piece in the strong colors used for these rare pieces. It has a castle-like shape and is from a small but dramatic group of Art Deco pieces.
10359 Small Flower Vase A sweet, small Boch vase showing such a contrast to the Deco and Geo pieces. The flowers and butterflies are elegant and this can be shown in any decor and environment.
10361 10" Blue Leaves Vase This is a quiet, sophisticated piece, not too bright, but it adds a classic look to any area.
10305 Pelican Vase A major piece in any Boch collection, this 12"-13" Pelican vase is a classic. It is vivid in presentation and very impressive to behold.
10293 Bird Covered Box A small special piece with the cover decorated in the popular bird pattern. This would make a lovely dresser box or candy dish on a coffee table. Photo unavailable
9670 Multi-colored Vase A brilliantly colored vase in the style of cloisone. The colors are clear, bright and bold. This is an exciting vase that can brighten up any area.
10356 Gres Kéramis Vase Another classic Gres vase, shown in Kéramis books, quiet and calm in design but classic and bold at the same time.
10217 Giraffe Vase A rare treasure for us and for you: a 10" giraffe vase that has several images, one standing reaching up and the other bending over, in lovely color. Condition excellent and desirability very high!
10425 Circular Croqule Vase Another wonderful vase, also in the style of cloissone. The design is classic, geometric and colorful in an elegant way.
10433 Deer Plaque 12" in diameter, this lovely piece is made to hang. Deer pieces are very popular, and a plaque like this is rarely found.
8239 12"-13" White Vase with yellow stripes and flowers This is an earlier BFK vase, elegant and decorative, in perfect condition and suitable for any decorative style.
8860 Gres Kéramis Flying Geese Vase This is a rare pattern for a Gres piece, heavy and solid with grey and blue birds and coloring, almost ominous in appearance, but very impressive and desirable for Gres collectors.
10421 Gres Kéramis Vase Another Gres piece, very heavy, in perfect condition. The bright blue birds stand out against the grey background. At least 10"-12". Both Gres pieces are rare and hard to find.
10338 Boch Circles Vase A favorite Boch pattern in a 10" vase. This is a classic with all the design elements that have made BFK so popular.
10339 Black Bird Vase This is a rare pattern with black birds and blue faces. They make this a wonderful design, charming and unusual. Photo unavailable